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Meet the Vision Therapists

Anjelica Montoya, Vision Therapist

Anjelica has been working as a Vision Therapist for over three years.  She says she started out with zero knowledge but loves how Vision Therapy has completely revolutionized her outlook on children's visual and cognitive development. She has a degree in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching and is pursuing her Visual Therapist Certification.  She's a member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and holds certifications in several aspects of Vision Therapy.  Anjelica is the busy mother of three girls, Sophia, Savana and Sienna.  In her spare time, she volunteers for the Scottsdale school district, PCH, and St. Vincent de Paul, and other charities.  Anjelica loves to read self-improvement books and writes short stories. 

Devon de Simone, Vision Therapy and Syntonics Technician

Devon has been working at Eye Priority for over 5 years. She initially helped with administrative tasks but has recently made the transition to Vision Therapy and Syntonics Technician. Devon is currently a senior at ASU, working towards a degree in human nutrition. She has attended courses in Syntonics and is passionate about expanding her knowledge and experience in Vision Therapy. She enjoys spending time with her three cats and dreams of one day becoming a naturopathic physician.