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Posted on 11-29-2016

2016 Vision Friendly Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

We all love our tech toys, trust me, I’m addicted to mine just like everyone else.  Have you ever spent too long playing a new video game or game app on your phone and then noticed how red and dry your eyes were afterwards?  We’ve all done it.   Sometimes our eyes need a break from electronics this is especially true for school age kids.   This holiday season think outside the box and try to find toys that don’t require batteries or charging.  Your kids’ vision will thank you.   

Here are some of our favorite picks for Vision Friendly Holiday Kid’s Gifts: 

Top Secret Mirror Cubes

LakeshoreLearning.com  $29.99

We love optics!  These awesome cubes help improve kid’s creativity, work with directionality, and spy stuff is just always fun.   

Spiral Art Design Center

LakeshoreLearning.com  $19.99

This geometric design tool works with colors, patterns, and hand-eye coordination and is just super duper fun.  

Yeti in my Spaghetti Game

Amazon.com $14.99

This new cute game is perfect for little ones and really helps improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving using vision.   


Amazon.com $9.34

Rummikub is the classic quick-paced tile game that is easy to learn.  It helps kids focus on strategy and math. 


Amazon.com $27.99

Anything with building blocks and patterns is good for your brain and nothing fits this description better than good old fashioned legos.  

Remember to put limits on your kids’ screen time and have a happy holiday! 

Dr. Kelly deSimone


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