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Posted on 08-16-2017

How to safely enjoy Monday's Solar Eclipse

As you may have heard, on Monday, August 21, 2017 a solar eclipse will occur.  A solar eclipse is when the moon is centered directly between the earth and the sun and casts a large shadow which can be viewed from earth. In the Phoenix area we will be experiencing a partial eclipse from about 9:15am until noon.  This celestial event is exciting and is not to be missed.  HOWEVER....

Staring at the sun for extended periods can cause damage to your retina that is IRREVERSIBLE and could cause you to have lifelong visual problems.

It is important to take necessary steps to view the eclipse safely. During the eclipse high powered IR and UV light will be dangerous to all eyes unless protective eyewear is used. Special glasses are needed to view this SPECtacular event, standard sunglasses and even polarized sunglasses ARE NOT enough and can not block 100% of harmful rays. When looking for the right pair of glasses make sure they are NASA approved meeting CE and ISO 12312-2 requirements, but even with these lenses limit your viewing time of the sun to 2-3 minute intervals. 

Here are some resources to help make sure you and your family are prepared to view this amazing event safely:

Click HERE to find places to purchase NASA approved lenses.  

Click HERE to learn more about how to view the eclipse safely. 

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy that eclipse!  

Eye Priority

Phoenix, AZ


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